The initial inception of the Iranian Brutal Death Metal/Technical Death Metal band EKWON came with the writing of an instrumental track by Amir Mohamadi the guitarist of the band “Scox” in 2008 which later became the song “Limbo” from their debut album. After Amir left “Scox”, he met Mohamad Rostamian and together they decided to form a Death Metal band named after a great beast from the Shahnameh called EKWON.
With the addition of Vocalist/Producer Saleh Rezaei and through various different lineup changes, Ekwon wrote and recorded their debut album “Born in Shroud, Dead in Womb”. The album is based on the concept of manmade structures built to inflict maximum control on humanity and the subsequent destruction of balance on the natural order of life. Additionally the lyrics metaphorically reflect parts of the band members’ personal lives, and showcases life in our modern society as a prison of a poisoned collective hive mind, illustrating an ominous picture of survival of the fittest.
“Nowadays what we call life is in actuality being born in the Shroud and dying in the Womb” Soon after the album’s release, bassist Sam Askari and drummer Mohammad Mirboland joined the Tehran-based band to complete the band’s lineup.
In 2019, Ekwon was named as the 6th breakthrough metal act from Asia by the GMA Awards.
Currently the band is working on their follow up to “Born in Shroud, Dead in Womb” and are in the process of writing and recording their sophomore album.

Fans of Cattle Decapitation, Benighted, Hath, Fleshgod Apocalypse, Hate and Cannibal Corpse will appreciate Ekwon’s unique approach to the Death Metal genre which differs from their peers by utilizing complex and uncommon structures, atmospheric songwriting as well as some black metal elements.

Vox/Producer/Lyrics: Saleh Rezaei
Rhythm Guitar: Amir Mohammadi
Lead Guitar: Mohamad Rostamian
Bass: Sam Askari
Drums: Mohamad Mirboland

~ Emin Aghajanian, Tough Promotions