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July 23, 2021

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Can you bury me deeper than surface? An unforgiven place Wish i could touch beauty of fresh air In winter breeze with coldness of disappearance But i refuse to wake up There's no sorrow in my heart Like the day i was born Now I'm finally back home. And life, i name it painbringer I teach to my pain, how i suffer me If we surrender, just we didn't finish must But i know, one day Lenitives doesn’t work Then Life, i name it unfinished pain An unfinished sorrow Every time you bleed, roses will be enough But thrones show after, the cost of love Love of life O Soul of black mother, cuddle me with your claws O mournful Father! Stare at my eyes when i drown I could keep all lies behind Since sun shed last breath My truth would be a secret, since i found Since i found, pain and death Like the day i was born Now I'm finally home.

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