Eternal Griefs

Melancholic Black Metal band Eternal Griefs was formed in 2008 by Matran and Deineath. After a while, their first demo titled “Beginning to Revolution” was released in the same year, and it consisted of 3 tracks in the style of Ambient Depressive Black Metal. After 4 years, Count Infernal joined the band, and they made “Lifeless Desire” and they started recording an EP called ”Manic Depressive Psychosis” which received positive feedback from foreign outlets. In 2016 two of the members migrated from the country and the band started to work on their debut album which was based on the true story of Blanche Monnier. She was secretly locked in an attic by her mother for 25 years because of her love to someone and after lots of struggling as well as mental and physical problems passed away in a mental institute. Blanche Monnier also became the name of the band’s debut album. Eternal Griefs considers the band’s genre to be Neo DSBM and has elements of Depressive Black Metal and Post Black Metal and heavily revolves around having a dark atmosphere. The band’s sole purpose is to share their distinct dark side with other people, even the geographical distance between the members didn’t stop the band to pursue their goals.

The Latest Albums

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