Elements of a Dream is a Prog/Jazz Fusion project based in Iran and was founded by guitarist/producer Mohsen Hakimizadeh. The project’s music is a mixture of progressive rock, progressive metal, jazz fusion and instrumental rock, with influences ranging from Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Nick Johnston, Intervals, and Plini to prog rock and metal acts such as Steven Wilson, Opeth, Tool, Camel and many more. When it comes to songwriting, Mohsen Hakimizadeh focuses heavily on key components of storytelling through music and conceptual material in order to present his auditory vision to his listeners. 

While being intrigued by complicated music and utilizing complex elements, he still maintains a degree of “catchiness” in his music. In the debut album, Cry of the Subconscious, Mohsen tried to embody memories of certain points from his life and his inner mental struggles throughout the years prior, with each song encapsulating a certain moment in his life, whether the song is a vision, a dream, an emotion, a particular memory, etc. One could argue that the songs are like a personal journal of his. 

Another key element of the debut album’s songwriting ideas is the use of unconventional structures, in other words, most of the songs don’t feature the common verse and chorus structures which are today’s pop music standard. While having certain production similarities, Mohsen tried to make each song its own unique entity and yet make them connected in such a way that the specific order of the songs make sense, which is standard practice in the traditional prog rock genre.

“Cry of the Subconscious” is set to release on the 26th of November on all streaming services   via Tough Sounds, the first Iranian Metal Record Label. Before the release of said album, 3 of its tracks shall be released as singles, with the titles being “Ambition”, and “A Glimpse at the Sunlight” on the 22nd of October and on the 12th of November respectively.

The Project currently only consists of Mohsen, though several members briefly joined and left due to creative differences. However, new “recruits” might be just over the horizon. As of now, more Elements of a Dream songs are being written and fans should be hearing more from Elements of a Dream in the near future.


2021 - Glimpse at the sunlight
2021 - ambition