Nefarious Iranian Trap Metal Producer/Vocalist God Mvker explores the bottomless depths of human existence, taking notes from Dark Trap, Ragecore, Slamming Brutal Death Metal, and Phonk.

Hailing from Hashtgerd, Iran, God Mvker offers a unique perspective of showing the darker side of life, which could potentially make him a target in his country of origin. As opposed to most heavy artists from Iran, God Mvker uses a wide variety of contemporary genres to express his unadulterated views on the true face of humanity. He also describes his many trials in life, often highlighting that humans are the most dangerous beings when pursuing their selfish ambitions.

In 2022, after signing with the first Iranian metal label, Tough Sounds, he unleashed his latest effort, Ignite Me, which centers around inner strength and how it can be a useful tool and, at the same time, can be destructive in our lives. God Mvker aspires to team up with relevant names in the Slam and Trap Metal community for his future creative efforts to make a mark in local, regional, and international scenes.


2022 - IGNITE ME