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Underground Thrash Metal band Padra formed under the Islamic laws of Iran in Tehran back in 2010 by “Ramtin Dashti”.
Padra is one of the few metal bands that sings only in the Farsi language. They recorded their first single track called “Gor” in 2011.
After almost 5 years struggling with lineup changes, they finally released their first album called “Hezartooye Tanafor”.
The first album was one of the most heard and successful metal album ever released in Iran, even it was totally underground and had limited physical sales because the distributing laws of Iran which will not allow metal bands to sell their albums.
Padra musical style is a combination of both old-school and modern thrash metal with melodic and crunchy riffs and raspy thrash vocals. their lyrical themes are about Politics, Horror, Life, Pain, Rebellion

the first original line up formed in 2011 with “Ramtin Dashti”, “Navid Sadeghi”, “Siavash Rahkooh” and “Keyvan Mousavi”
, in 2012 Siavash Rahkooh and Navid Sadeghi left the band
in 2013 Amirali Khajavi and Mehrdad Ghasemkhan joined the band
in 2016 the band released their first album “Hezartooye Tanafor” means labyrinth of hate
in the summer of 2016, Mehrdad Ghasemkhan left the band and Ahmad Chegeni joined the band as the new bass player
in 2017 the band released a single track called “Nahs” means omen
the band first live appearance was in summer of 2017 in Tehran
in spring of 2018, the band released another single track called “Ghorbangah”

current band members:

Ramtin Dashti – Vocals & Guitar
Amirali Khajavi – Guitar
Ahmad Chegeni – Bass
Keyvan Musavi – Drums

Former Members:

Mehrdad Ghasemkhan – Bass
Navid Sadeghi – Guitar
Siavash Rahkooh – Bass
Omid Karimi – Keyboard

Padra means the guardian of fire in ancient Persian language


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